Movement For Racial Justice (M4RJ) Platform

Our march believes in building an intersectional racial justice movement that challenges and undoes racism, white supremacy, sexism/patriarchy, gender oppression, anti-immigrant oppression, class inequality, Islamophobia, anti-semitism, and the oppression of people with disabilities. Our platform reflects a vision and a set of demands that aim to address these key issues facing Black, indigenous, and all communities of color.

Freedom, Justice & Safety for Black, Indigenous, & ALL Women, Femmes & Girls of Color

We envision a world where all women, femmes, and girls are safe from the ongoing assault on their bodies, minds and spirits. We choose to dream of a world where all women including immigrant women, Black women, indigenous women are able to access all of their rights and are no longer subject to the kinds of injustices that violate their bodies and rob them of self-determined lives.

The M4RJ fully supports the March for Black Women Platform and their demand to end all forms of violence, abuse and injustices inflicted on Black women. This includes, but is not limited to sexual violence and reproductive violations that target Black women. 

  • We demand an end to ALL forms of violence inflicted on Black, Indigenous and ALL women of color. Every day, women in our communities are subjected to domestic and sexual violence, especially our trans sisters. We demand an end to these acts of violence and call for services and resources needed to allow for a restoration from the harm that has been done and healing for survivors and their families.  
  • We demand civil rights protections for trans women and an end to the ongoing discrimination that affects Trans women’s ability to seek adequate healthcare, housing and employment. Trans women have a right to a quality life and freedom from assault, harm and abuse.
  • We demand national and local policies that promote the full autonomy of Indigenous, Black, and Brown, cis and trans women over their physical, mental, spiritual, and reproductive health and well-being. ALL Indigenous, Black, and Brown, cis and trans* women have the right to be fully informed of all medical procedures, treatments and conditions and an ability to provide consent.
  • We demand access to free and/or affordable culturally relevant and appropriate sexual and reproductive education and health care, abortion, and mental health services for ALL women, girls and femmes.
  • We demand the prioritization and full investigation of missing, murdered and trafficked black, brown and indigenous women.

An End to the Criminalization of Black, Indigenous & ALL Communities of Color

We  call for a reality in which our Black, Brown, Indigenous communities no longer have to live in a police state that heavily surveils, profiles, incarcerates, abuses, deports, and kills members of their communities. We believe that safety does not come as result of a prison cells, armed police or borders - that we, our communities, our families deserve actual safety. We must stop centering punitive measures and punishment and begin to address what is really causing harm - putting profit, property and the interest of the wealthy ahead of the most vulnerable within our nation.

We echo the calls to make black lives matter and affirm the Movement for Black Lives platform that puts forth a vision for ending anti-black racism in all its forms, including the ending racist police violence, justice for victims of police brutality and ending the ongoing war on black communities.

  • We demand an end to racist policing policies and practices that result in the profiling and torture inflicted on communities across the country. Further, we call for an end to the killing of countless people simply because of their race and class.
  • We demand an end to the mass incarceration of Black, Brown, and Indigenous peoples. We call on government at every level to move towards decarceration and away from centering punishment as a means to control our communities. 
  • We believe that no human being is illegal. We affirm immigrants are #HeretoStay. We pledge to Defend DACA, end the deportations of undocumented immigrants and the racist targeting of Black, Brown, and Muslim immigrants. We demand the release of all detained immigrants and for all those who have been deported to be able to return to their loved ones. We also demand the taking down of the border walls.
  • We stand with the #NoMuslimBanEver Campaign and demand for the repeal of the Trump Administration's Executive Order which bans citizens of six Muslim-majority countries as well as North Korea and Venezuela from entering the U.S. and oppose all efforts by the government to repackage this ban. Relatedly, we oppose all federal and local policies and practices, including policing policies, that surveil, entrap, and harass Muslim communities.
  • We demand an end to the policing and criminalization of LGBTQ youth of color, who make up 85% of LGBTQ youth in juvenile prison facilities. 
  • We demand the demilitarization of police departments and police forces across the country and oppose efforts by the government to restore the program that sends military weapons and equipment to police departments.

Justice, Respect and Freedom for ALL Indigenous Peoples

The foundation of this nation was built on the systematic extermination, expulsion and segregation of the Indigenous people to this land. The historical and contemporary injustices and oppression faced by Indigenous people are a continuation of colonization, its violence and policies designed to eradicate the Indigenous population.

  • We stand with Standing Rock, indigenous environmental justice, and indigenous rights movements in demanding sovereignty, autonomy and rights to protect, restore and reclaim their ancestral homelands and sacred sites, and reparations for all indigenous people, including refusal rights of all corporate and profit driven "development" projects that have an environmental impact on their land.

  • Tribal Sovereignty and treaties must be recognized and honored at federal, state, and local levels as they are integral to the protection and enforcement of the land, water and sovereign rights of Indigenous nations. Tribal nations must be given jurisdiction over all crimes committed on tribal land and the ability to prosecute non-natives who commit crimes on tribal lands.

  • Indigenous identities, imagery and culture must be respected. We acknowledge that the misappropriation of Indigenous identities and culture through racist & hypersexualized stereotypes, Native mascots and continued use of the Redskins moniker contributes to the dehumanization, racism and disproportionate rates of violence faced by Native communities.

  • The natural and civil rights of Indigenous Two-Spirit people must be upheld and respected. Within both Tribal and non-Tribal societies, they should be free to live without fear of persecution and discrimination due to their sexuality and gender. They should be afforded the same rights and privileges afforded to all other Indigenous women and men.

  • The Indian Health Service should be fully funded. Indigenous communities in both rural and urban settings should have the resources necessary for their citizens to have access to affordable and competent primary care providers. They should also have access to culturally relevant treatment options for mental and reproductive health care as well as substance abuse

  • All Tribal Educational Institutions must be fully funded. Each Tribal nation must be empowered to develop curriculum and educational institutions based on their values, languages and ancestral knowledge.

  • Educational institutions should cease the use of race based mascots that create hostile learning environments and foster an atmosphere of bullying and violence.

Political and Economic Justice for all Communities of Color

Black, brown, and indigenous communities have been historically denied of political and economic rights, beginning with the the genocide and displacement of indigenous communities and forced enslavement and torture of Black people. These violations have occurred in order to extract the resources and our communities without equitable and just compensation. We call for political and economic justice for all communities of color and for the investment of monies and resources that is community-controlled towards job creation, community development, and social programs.

  • We demand reparations for Black and Indigenous communities for past and continuing exploitation, trauma, and abuse and support the Movement for Black Lives demand for reparations.

  • We demand a living wage for all people and demand the immediate move to institute $15/hr minimum wage on the local and federal level.

  • We demand the right of workers to unionize and negotiate better working conditions, work benefits, and workplace democracy.

  • We demand the end to discriminatory voter registration laws and gerrymandering practices that disproportionately disenfranchise Black and Latino voters. We call on congress to restore full power to the Voting Rights Act, specifically Section 5.

  • LGBTQ people, especially trans and people of color, continue to be legally discriminated against in areas of employment, housing, public accommodations, public education, federal funding, credit, and the jury system. We demand the passage of the Equality Act to amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include protections that ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, and sex.

  • We demand that Congress pass the longstanding Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) that would assure equal pay and equal treatment across the board, protecting from discrimination on the basis of sex.

  • We demand an end to all profiteering and slave labor in the U.S. prison system--a system that forces incarcerated people to work for wages on average as low as $0.14 to $1.41 per hour in under-regulated conditions.

  • Institute legislature to ensure equal treatment, equal access, and equal opportunity for people with disabilities.

Invest in Health, Housing, Safety, and Education of Communities of Color

Communities of color disproportionately bear the brunt of health inequalities in the US, environmental pollution and hazards, and lower quality education that has been the product of de facto segregation. We oppose these policies and call for a implementation of policies and practices that prioritizes the health, safety, education, and housing needs of communities of color

  • Pass single payer legislation that will ensure free, high quality healthcare for all, including universal reproductive care.
  • Allocate of federal resources to address health inequalities affecting marginalized and oppressed communities, such as low birth weight and maternal mortality among African American women and infants, high rates of asthma.
  • Housing is a right. We demand an end to the displacement of communities through unethical housing and loan practices that hasten segregation and gentrification. Invest in funding and maintaining quality and affordable public housing, especially for the most marginalized groups within communities of color: low-income people, LGBTQ youth, and single mothers.
  • We demand an end to public and business policies and practices that create disproportionate environmental and health hazards for communities of color.
  • Education in the US remains de facto segregated in much of the country, with funding and quality determined by zip code, not need. We demand an end to de facto separate and unequal zoning in school districts. We demand fully funded quality and comprehensive public school education, and educational policies that serve the diverse needs of all students, regardless of race, class, ability, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, documentation status, or nationality. 
  • We must also take the fight against white supremacy into schools and classrooms: challenging racist textbooks and curriculum; and supporting the teaching of civil and human rights and ethnic studies teaching in all classrooms.

The Immediate Removal of Monuments, Symbols and Manifestations of White Supremacy

The past few years has witnessed a rise in white nationalists, nazi, and other so-called “alt-right” groups that are openly marching, recruiting members, and terrorizing communities of color, Muslims, Jews, other oppressed groups, and people on the left. We stand opposed to all forms of white nationalist, supremacy, nazi, and other such violent groups.

  • We demand the removal of Confederate and colonial monuments from public spaces that memorialize the murder, enslavement and oppression of millions, and reinforce white supremacy. They justify the institution of slavery and communicate to black and indigenous communities that our lives did not and do not matter. We demand an immediate removal of all such monuments and a replacement with monuments of black and indigenous figures, known and unknown, who led the fight to end slavery and for civil and indigenous rights.
  • We call on the Department of Justice to prioritize and seriously investigate white supremacist acts of violence across the country over the past decade that have been steadily rising, particularly the white supremacist perpetrators in Charlottesville who violently attacked peaceful anti-racist protesters on August 11th and 12th.
  • We demand the Department of Education implement accurate depictions of history and that our young people’s school books put indigenous cultures, colonialism, slavery, the confederacy, racism, and social movements in their proper context. One that does not evade the reality of the bedrock of white supremacy that this country has relied on that does not glorify or gloss over hate and white supremacy. If we are to survive, We must be be willing to acknowledge and accept the full reality of our past. Then we must back that acceptance up with action and make amends  in order to make amends with our people whom we have harmed for so long and then do the necessary work to foster the health growth and integrity of our future leaders.