our mission

Over the past few years, the movement against racist policing tactics and police killings has transformed the U.S. political terrain and brought much needed attention to police brutality that is endemic in the U.S. At the heart of this movement has been a crying call for justice for victims of this inhumane system that disproportionately target Black, Brown and Indigenous peoples.

For generations, we have marched, sat-in, walked-out, blocked bridges, protested, and educated our communities about these issues in a struggle to transform the policies that produces these injustices. Yet, case after case, local and federal governments, the courts, police districts, and district attorneys have failed to deliver justice. Moreover, we have witnessed a so-called "Blue Lives Matter" police backlash that aims to further institute racist policing practices and worsen police accountability to our 7 of 24 communities. This year alone, there have been 32 “Blue Lives Matter” Bills proposed in 14 states across the country,  despite the fact the police enjoy a protected class status. Even the few gains that have been won over the years are being rolled back by the Trump administration under the leadership of Jeff Sessions.

These rollbacks are occurring in a context where white supremacists, Nazis, and the socalled "alt-right" are openly marching, recruiting members, and terrorizing communities of color, Muslim, and jewish communities.

We are bearing witness to mass incarceration, the unequal treatment under the law and the state-sanctioned destruction of Black lives.

We are bearing witness to increased violence against trans people and attacks on lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer civil rights protections.

We are bearing witness to increased violence against Muslim communities abroad and at home and the erosion of their civil rights in the racist and islamophobic “war against terrorism”. 

We are bearing witness to the normalization of rape culture, increased violence against women and infringement upon their rights to control their bodies, and the lack of equal pay for equal work.

We bearing witness to the continued injustices endured by indigenous people as demonstrated by the stand at Standing Rock.

We are bearing witness to the disenfranchisement and forprofit criminalization of the poor.

We are bearing witness to the inhuman treatment of people with disabilities, working class, undocumented, low-income and the most vulnerable members of our society.

And we say #notonemore.

Not one more death. Not one more victim. Not one more injustice or miscarriage of justice perpetuated by racist laws and policies.

The March for Racial Justice is a multi-community movement led by a coalition united in our demands for racial equity and justice. We march because as long as U.S. laws, policies, and practices remain steeped in racism and white supremacy, basic human rights and civil rights for all—our universal and constitutional rights—will never be fully realized. It is our duty then to dismantle oppression, and to challenge, reverse and put an end to racist laws, policies and practices that dehumanize people of color while sustaining white supremacy and racism. Our mission is to harness the national unrest and dissatisfaction with racial injustice into a national mobilization that strengthens local and nationwide efforts for racial equity and justice.