March For Racial Justice Stands With All Victims of Violent and Racist Rhetoric

“You know, they have a word. It sort of became old-fashioned. It’s called a nationalist. And I say really, we’re not supposed to use that word. You know what I am? I am a nationalist, okay? I’m a nationalist. Nationalist. Use that word.”

- Donald J. Trump

On October 23rd, Trump admitted what we’ve known all along.  Trump - the President of the United States - is a committed nationalist. He believes the white race is superior and must maintain a white nation above all else. That is his agenda for our country.

In the following days, of that stunning and casual admission, a white nationalist in Florida attempted to assassinate 12 political and cultural figures across the country who dare to publicly criticize Trump.

Simultaneously, another white nationalist in Kentucky killed two black people in a grocery store after a failed attempt to gain entry to a black church presumably to commit a mass shooting.

Today, a third white nationalist went into a synagogue in Pittsburgh while a family celebrated their baby’s bris, yelled “All Jews must die,” and killed 11 people. He was spurred on by his xenophobic hatred for the so called “migrant caravan.” The mass murderer believes in a conspiracy that has been routinely circulated by Trump and the right wing media which posits that the caravan is funded by Jewish people in an effort subvert white and Christian America.

All of these men espouse Trumpian rhetoric. Every single day, this illegitimate president has done everything he can to kick up the toxic sediment of racism, xenophobia and fascism in this country by demonizing asylum seekers to the south who are fleeing incredible violence and hoping to come here legally. He refers to them in militaristic language as a migrant caravan who are going to “invade” the United States. He’s gone so far as to deploy 800 military troops to go to the border and rebuff these asylum seekers. He has created a false and dangerous dichotomy by claiming that Democrats care more about immigrants than American citizens.

Despite there being ample evidence of Trump actively encouraging his base to commit acts of violence on his behalf, he refuses to accept any responsibility for the timbre of the violent rhetoric in the country, opting instead to blame it on the media, specifically CNN, even as they are the intended targets for this violence. He also has routinely legitimized false flag conspiracies swirling around these events, suggesting that Democrats are themselves behind these attacks in order to curry votes for the upcoming midterm elections.

The result of his constant speech is stochastic terrorism. The targets are black people, brown people, Jewish people, LGBTQI people, and immigrants.

When we say none of us are free until all of us are free - we are talking about weeks like this tragic one that we have suffered through. We are talking about dangerous and heart breaking times like these. Every single human being has the right to exist on this earth with dignity and respect regardless of who they are, who they love and who they believe in.

We are committed to this fight for all of us. We are committed to stand with all communities menaced by this president and his fringe base. We are committed to dream and to work to build a new system that embodies universal liberation and dignity for all people. And we demand the immediate removal of all politicians who espouse the hateful and genocidal rhetoric of white supremacy.

In solidarity and power.

Andrea Ciannavei