Helpful #HurricaneHarvey Resources

Everyone at the March for Racial Justice wishes to express their solidarity with and love for the people struggling under Hurricane Harvey.  Over nine trillion gallons of water have fallen on Houston and the rain has not stopped yet.

There are a number of organizers on the #M4RJ team who also worked on the Hurricane Sandy relief effort which was people-powered and functional within a day of Hurricane Sandy. We vividly remember the early days of crisis and then the months and months of sustained recovery and challenges that came after. This is a marathon not a sprint.

We also learned a number of things from that experience. Chiefly, that natural disasters have the harshest impact on women, communities of color, low income families and neighborhoods and are overlooked in recovery efforts. The media doesn't cover places like Woodforest Chase, where according to Instagram there are bodies floating and they've yet to see any rescue. Houston was not the only town affected. Rockport, TX and Biloxi, MS have also been ravaged by this storm so please be sure to send your love to them as well.

The best way you can be of service to the affected areas of this catastrophe is to fundraise. For other ways please follow the guidelines sourced below. People will need material support when the crisis dies down. Do not go to Houston unless you are asked to go because of specific skill sets or if you have a boat. Transportation is difficult and unnecessary travel stalls rescue efforts. They have a lot of volunteers on the ground already.. 

Here are some ways you provide support: 


Please contact if you would like to be shared on the collaborative Google document serving as the central source for content here.





  • To help detained immigrants in need of translators and legal support, give to RAICES



DON'T let your insurance company tell you to wait until next week to "take pictures" of your storm damage! The Texas legislature specifically passed laws to decrease your rights against your insurance companies for property damage caused by storms this year and these changes go into effect THIS week - Sept 1st!

To take advantage of current Texas Insurance Law protecting property owners with regard to damage claims resulting from #HurricaneHarvey, policyholders should send a written message or email directly to their insurance company that (1) specifically references their claim; AND (2) is dated BEFORE SEPTEMBER 1, 2017!

Telephone messages will NOT suffice to give written notice


Keep a hard copy of anything you send to insurance companies. Send it through registered mail or signature required (receipt generated) for extra peace of mind.


  • Clothing. Do not give it unless specifically asked. They get ruined and end up in the trash.

  • Give to smaller, vetted organizations.

  • Research low income areas and go there to volunteer if needed.

  • The people who are taking the time to do a lot of interviews are usually the ones who know the least about what is going on.

  • DO NOT tell people what they need. They know what they need. Ask them. Listen.


Additional info provided by Sandy relief organizers. To add other resources please email

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